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Our proven process will help your organization recruit, hire and retain the top professionals needed to run your business.  With our unique approach, we are able to provide qualified professionals for even the hardest-to-fill positions.


​Our proactive approach doesn’t begin with a job order. Our team is constantly working to identify the top talent “in the market - not on the market." This is done through direct-sourcing, marketing campaigns, referrals, social media and networking.

Once engaged, we will take the time to thoroughly understand all aspects of your organization, allowing us to clearly define each need by determining the skill, responsibility and personality required. Additionally, our in-depth screening process includes phone, video and face-to-face interviews, professional references, employment verification and soft skill assessment.  


This is a no risk, no upfront cost option.  You pay a fee only if you hire a candidate referred by Cyon. Contingency search is ideal when your company is looking to fill low to mid-level positions on a non-confidential basis.


Our top priority.  When time, complexity and confidentiality are of extreme importance, exclusive search is a perfect option.  Ideal for critical, high-level positions where the candidate will have an impact on company performance.  This level of search represents a commitment from both sides and shows potential candidates that you place a high value on the position. 


Whether the need is short term or a long term project, we have it covered.  Our temporary resources allow you the flexibility and experience when you need it.  We take care of the onboarding, payroll, benefits and all back office administration. With this option we bill your company an agreed upon hourly rate.


This solution allows you to outsource all or part of your recruitment needs.  Our turn key process will expand the size and quality of the candidate pool and reduce the cycle time and hiring costs.  This flexible solution can adjust as needs change. ​​

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