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The resume is only the beginning.  We pride ourselves on building partnerships with our candidates in order to learn their career desires and personal needs.  Our recruiters provide timely, honest and constructive feedback, from resume coaching and interview preparation to career transition planning.  In order to achieve a long lasting career match, it requires the needs of both the company and candidate to be satisfied.


ACKNOWLEDGE.  We will respond to all qualified applicants within a timely manner. ​

PREPARE.  We will provide all the necessary tools needed for a successful interview.

COORDINATE.  We will guide the interview process, from scheduling to offer, and help with career transitioning.

FEEDBACK.  We will provide timely, honest and constructive coaching on resumes and interviews.

"If there are two words one can use to describe Cyon, it would be "Follow through."  A very professional firm, that will work very closely with the company's HR as well as the candidate being recruited throughout the recruitment process to ensure that both parties are fully invested and actively working to move things forward. Cyon will keep you updated and also enquire each stakeholder for regular updates.  

They will not leave their stakeholders hanging."

"Cyon helped me find my current job and it's a perfect fit. I'm so thankful for his help.

I highly recommend Cyon."

"After completing the interviews, Cyon always kept in contact with me and always gave me updates on where the company was in the hiring process. During the whole month, they regularly kept in contact with the managers in order to obtain feedback from them in terms of their interest in me as a candidate. I rarely had to contact Cyon about getting an update, and whenever I did, they would promptly respond to me. In addition, Cyon was always happy to help me out with any questions about the company I had along the way. With their help, in less than a month, I had accepted a position."

View our open jobs or send us your resume to begin your job search today!

Search our open jobs below, or send your resume to  Once submitted, one of our recruiters will contact you to advance the process.

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